About Us

Since 1967, ARES has been providing reliable energy solutions for make-up air applications.  The product was first introduced as a means to cool livestock with evaporative cooling. Over the years, ARES has refined this method to improve air quality and comfort in commercial and industrial applications.  In 2010, ARES became part of the Essick Air family joining brands such as Champion, AIRCARE, MasterCool , UltraCool, and SPEC-AIR.

Designed to fit your needs and ensure year-round comfort, ARES offers make-up air units with heating capabilities, as well as evaporative and mechanical cooling modules. Our modular design offers the flexibility of multiple configurations for various applications. Some of the configurations are:

  • Heating/Cooling Package Systems (Evaporative, DX or Chilled Water Coil)
  • Heating Package Systems (Indirect Gas, Hot Water Coil or Steam)
  • Cooling Package Systems (Evaporative, Mechanical or Chilled Water Coil)
  • Untempered Package Systems (Ventilation Only)

We exited to introduce our new product line, ARES Plus which is a testament to our commitment to provide quality, efficient, and cost effective products with a modern and elegant design.  Manufactured with high grade materials and the strictest quality control standards, ARES Plus is the next step into the future.

Our products are available in the USA throughout a network of representatives and distributors. For a complete list please click here.


Manufacturing facilities often generate heat, and/or need to remove air from their processes. Make-up air is necessary to minimize the amount of negative pressure in the building and relieve comfort issues.

Evaporative cooling can be used in all climates as there are many hours where the web-bulb temperatures of entering airstreams can provide economical cooling for applications such as kitchens, industrial, laundries, animal related and spot cooling.