Industrial Applications

Manufacturing facilities often generate heat, and/or need to remove air from their processes. Make-up air is necessary to minimize the amount of negative pressure in the building and relieve comfort issues.

With exhaust fans added as production equipment is put into use, many industrial manufacturers buildings will need to replenish the air removed from the building with make-up air.  Often, these units include only heating, so the cooling needs are not addressed due to the capital and operating cost.  Evaporative cooling is a very attractive alternative as it can be applied more easily with lower electricity demands. Improving employee comfort, as well as maintaining the web-bulb temperature range desired for higher technology equipment, is essential in dry climates.

Sedentary cooling conditions and higher humidity is not adverse to many manufacturing applications, making evaporative cooling very attractive as an alternative to refrigeration. Not to mention, evaporative cooling is cost effective initially and over the operating life.